Monday, October 31, 2011


EVERYONE! The day has finally come. A year and a half of hard work, sweat, tears, and all that good stuff is finally available for your viewing pleasure. I proudly present to you, the viewers of the blog, "The Plague Bearers":

I hope that you enjoy it, please spread the word around, and thank you everyone for your amazing support and well wishes!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Grad Review Pictures

And speaking of the graduation review, here are a few pictures from it! (photos taken by Jake)

Getting ready!



Waiting for the review to begin!

End of the review!


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Film has been COMPLETED!


I've been quiet for the past few weeks, the reason for which would be that I was busy getting the film done!
Well, I am very, very pleased to announce that the film has been completed! I went in for my graduation review last week and it went very well.

So, what now? Well, currently Jake and I are in the process of making a site for the film as well as prepping it for both film festival and online distribution. The plan is to have the film available by Halloween (PERFECT TIMING), and I will be updating the blog with more information as it becomes available.

At this point however, I just want to say a very loud, very proud, and very big THANK YOU! Thank you to everyone who came by this blog, who read it, who was interested, who sent a shout out, who commented, EVERYONE. Thank you so much!

So everybody, please stay tuned! There will be many more updates.